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I’m not a psycho. And I’m pretty sure I could find at least one counselor or even an MD who would agree with that assessment. But wow, I’ve sure been on a bout of crazy the last few days.

My poor dead Benz

It all started back on May 10th. I crashed my beloved (well, okay it was more a love/hate thing) Benz into the back of a sizable truck. The car took my beating, and left me with only a slightly sore nose from the airbag. They sure don’t build them like that any more.

My history with this car is a bit sordid- it began its time in my life with a couple thousand in “must have” repairs, including an unfortunate incident where the injector pump stopped working with the car was at the local Mercedes dealership for service. If you’ve ever owned an older German auto, you know they’re rock solid when they work, but quite pricey when they need fixed. Hence the love/hate thing.

But I cracked it up good. No texting while driving for me. No talking with my BFF while cruising down 202. Nope, I was just hungry and distracted. Thankfully, the truck fared much better, and no one was hurt.

A good friend was kind enough to let me drive his truck around for awhile. It’s big, older, a gas hog, and cost me nothing in rent. Good friends are a good thing, and I’m thankful for one who let me use his truck while I scoured craigslist and ebay for a good deal on a replacement vehicle.


But back to crazy…  Last week, I got in touch with a young woman in Easton who was selling this  ’96 Montero. All largely went well with the communications, the test drive, and the money discussions. I put down a deposit, and planned to close the deal by the end of the week.

Now begins the crazy… I picked up a comment made by one of the sellers on Facebook. While not altogether flattering, I probably read WAY more into it than I should have. I started an email thread with them about the issues they raised in the FB comment. I huffed and I puffed. I questioned their integrity and tried to pressure them into a lower price, though the one we agreed to was certainly fair enough. Ultimately, we did the deal, and I drove home with my new Montero.

Shortly after, I discovered a problem- one that will have my new car in the shop this week. Is it possible the seller knew? I think so. But not necessarily. Now mind you, these folks have met my previous concerns with additional work, and even got the car inspected prior to closing the sale- something they didn’t need to do, as the inspection stickers still had a couple weeks on them.

How do I respond? I threaten to report their mechanic shop for failing to do a proper inspection. It would certainly get them investigated. It might even cost them their inspection licence.  Did they gloss over some things? Maybe. But probably no worse than any other shop does- especially when dealing with someone they know and regularly work with.  Could or should they have found this problem? Maybe.

But it’s all about MY attitude- first toward the sellers, then toward their mechanic of all people.  I was plotting ways to ruin their lives and businesses. I was enjoying the idea that I could totally nail them with costs and troubles that would FAR outweigh whatever perceived wrong they might have done to me. Would it make it right for me? Probably not. And that’s the crazy.

See, they may actually BE what they seem to be. Decent, hard working people selling a truck they loved to someone they hope will enjoy it as well. Are they perfect, and completely forthcoming? No, but probably not the scoundrels I’ve imagined in my crazy state. And even if they ARE those scoundrels, it’s not MY vengeance, or even justice to dish out.  Over the past few hours, I’ve been touched (more like head smacked) by the words in Romans 12:19 – New Living Translation (©2007) Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, “I will take revenge; I will pay them back,” says the LORD.

If they’re decent, I’ve planned to harm the innocent. If they’re not decent, then my faith tells me to leave the judging to God. Either way, I’ve spent some time in crazy land. And I KNEW IT. I’m not that guy. Or maybe I am. But I don’t WANT to be that guy.

So who is that guy? It’s me. Maybe not the me I want to be. Certainly not the me I ought to be. But it’s me. We all spend some time in crazy. But I think I’m done being there for this episode. For now, I just want to get the car fixed up right, and enjoy my new vehicle. Oh, and I’ll try not to skip lunch and drive hungry down 202 🙂